We need your help with Estonian events in the summer

Dear Eesti by the Bay community,

We are excited to tell you about several upcoming cultural events over the summer and fall that we are sure you will not want to miss. We in the Bay Area are lucky that so many talented groups from Estonia are willing to share those talents with us, often for the value of the experience alone. These events connect us with culture, heritage and language, and we invite you to come and enjoy these events!

We are in need of host families who can provide simple accommodations for performers, as the events have real costs for these groups. Of course with busy lives, it can be hard to imagine opening one’s home to others. We urge you to give it a try, as those who have already have found it rewarding and a wonderful way to meet others.

Please let us know if you can help with any of the following:

Golden Gate International Choral Festival – July 12-18
This amazing event sponsored by Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir (the subject of “To Breathe as One”) will feature two choirs from Estonia – the Estonian Television Girls’ choir and the Girls’ Choir of Järva County. Tickets and more information (www.goldengatefestival.org).

Needed: July 11-18 — accommodations for 4 singers and 4 adults accompanying the Girls’ Choir of Järva County. Berkeley or Oakland preferred to be near the festival venue locations. The festival asks homestay hosts to fill out a homestay application form.

Vox Populi noorte segakoor / Mixed youth choir Vox Populi – September 23-29
This award-winning choir, known for its performances of Veljo Tormis’ compositions, will stop here in the Bay Area during its tour to celebrate Veljo Tormis’ 85th birthday. The tentative concert date is September 26. To learn more about the choir see their website (www.voxpopuli.ee).

Needed: September 23-29 – homestays for members of the Vox Populi youth choir.

Vanemuise teater / Vanemuine theater – September 8-11 (tentative)
One of the oldest, most well-known theaters in Estonia will be here to conduct a workshop, followed by a performance (“Appi Ooper”) intended to introduce young people to various musical genres.

Needed: September 8-11 – accommodations for any of the 6 member Vanamuine theater group.

If you have questions, or can help, please let us know as soon as possible (SanFranciscoEestiSelts@gmail.com).

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